About Emma

Emma Lewell-Buck is a Labour Party Politician and your Member of Parliament for South Shields.

Emma's Food Insecurity Bill

Nobody should be going hungry in the UK.

How can Emma help you?

Emma entered politics with a determination to do her best by the people and communities she represents

Emma is passionate about South Shields. She believes strongly in social equality and has a strong track record of campaigning for the things that matter most in her constituency, as well as for action on the cost of living and reforms of child protection. 

Emma knows that you, the residents, are the heart of the community, and that is why she is dedicated to helping you.

If you would like to talk to Emma about the constituency, a political issue or if you are interested in finding out more about her work – get in touch.

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Emma Lewell Buck Labour MP South Shields

About Emma

Emma was born in South Shields and lives here with her husband. She is a passionate ambassador for the town, and will fight for its people to ensure it continues to thrive in the future.

Emma Lewell Buck Hospital

Key Causes

As a Labour politician, Emma is committed to building a society that works for the many, not the few. This belief fuels her work, particularly around food insecurity, something she believes is a sad indictment on the Conservative Government.

Emma Lewell Buck Casework


Your MP should be fighting for you – and that’s what Emma does. She has worked with people from right across her constituency to support them to deal with issues that impact their lives. If you’re unsure how Emma can support you, read her latest case work to find out more.

Latest News

Emma Lewell Buck Labour Holiday Hunger

Holiday Hunger

PARENTS who will struggle to feed their families over the holidays will be better supported, thanks to the work of Emma Lewell-Buck.  Emma has been successful in securing funds that will deliver a number of ‘Holiday Hunger’ programmes across South Shields. The MP has...
Emma Lewell Buck Labour Hundred Heroines Campaign


A CAMPAIGN that will champion unsung female photographers, educators, writers, curators, and those in other photographic spheres around the globe has captured the attention of South Shields MP, Emma Lewell-Buck. To celebrate the centenary year of women’s suffrage, the...
Emma Lewell Buck Food Insecurity Bill

Food Insecurity Bill

Nobody should be going hungry in the UK. But despite being one of the largest economies in the world, the shocking fact is that many people in this country simply cannot afford one of the most basic of needs - food. The reality is that thousands and potentially...

Saving South Tyneside Hospital

AS THE NHS celebrates 70 years of saving lives, Emma Lewell-Buck is fighting for the survival of South Tyneside Hospital. The South Shields MP joined campaigners, party members, hospital staff - present and retired - and the Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign at a...