Key Causes

Emma is a champion for the town and proudly represents the issues and causes that matter most to her constituents. 

Emma delivers keynote speech at IKnowFood Conference

Emma was honoured to deliver a keynote speech recently at the September 2019 IKnowFood Conference. At this conference Emma was recognised for her continued efforts to help combat hunger across the UK. These efforts include being a founding member of the All-Party...
Emma Lewell Buck Food Insecurity Bill

Food Insecurity Bill

Nobody should be going hungry in the UK. But despite being one of the largest economies in the world, the shocking fact is that many people in this country simply cannot afford one of the most basic of needs - food. The reality is that thousands and potentially...

Saving South Tyneside Hospital:

The people of South Shields deserve access to high-quality hospital provision in their town.  That is why Emma continues to fight for hospital services to remain in South Shields.

Crippling cuts to the NHS, inflicted by the Conservative Government, have left care bosses unable to fund localized hospital care, with a disastrous plan to merge South Tyneside and Sunderland Hospitals.  The foundation of the NHS is the belief that we should look after people when they are unwell – that we should support our vulnerable.  Taking vital services away from them is not only counter-intuitive, but it is a decision Emma believes puts South Shields residents at risk.

That is why in May 2018, Emma raised this issue in Westminster to the Prime Minister: “Despite a groundswell of opposition from public, staff and clinicians, this Government are actively supporting the removal of vital services from South Tyneside Hospital. Will the Prime Minister tell the 149,000 people who rely on our hospital why?”

Emma remains committed to fighting relentlessly for healthcare rights in South Shields, and aims to find a conclusion that is safe for her constituents.

Mental Health Services:

90% of British people think there is a taboo in speaking about mental health.

Each year, around one in four people suffer from a mental health problem.

In 2016, Emma launched Social Work AAPG report into Adult Mental Health Services in England. The report exposes some shocking truths about the state of mental health services in this country and invites Government to take on board recommendations to improve adult mental health services across the country.

Emma is campaigning to encourage the Government to implement recommendations for a joined up, person-led, holistic mental health provision framework.

Read the full report – here.

School Funding:

Emma, joined by a number of North East MPs, is amplifying the concern of head teachers who have been forced to send letters to parents to ask for monthly contributions to sustain the quality of teaching and cover basic costs for their children, owed to chronic underfunding in education.

Cash-starved state schools across the North East face a shortfall of around £130 million by 2019, with schools in South Tyneside set to lose £7,285,105.  And this is a problem that will not improve under the current Government.

Emma is determined to fight for better education provision in her constituency and is helping to raise awareness of the impossible challenge schools in this country face to make the numbers stack up.

Adult Social Care:

Research has found that 9 out of 10 councils in the UK are unable to afford the cost of adult social care. The cuts have left those in need of adult social care most vulnerable,

Since 2009/10 local councils have seen a 26% reduction in their real terms budgets, which has led to a 6% cut in spending on social care. The cuts to social care have had a direct impact on adults in need of care and the elderly who are living with loneliness and isolation that is cause poor physical and mental health.

The demand for adult social care is higher than average in the South Tyneside area, and with the hospital services under threat, Emma is committed to challenging the Government to solve the social care crisis it is creating.

You. Emma is committed to putting South Shields first.

Emma feels strongly that her link with the community is the most important part of her role as an MP. She is committed to working across all corners of her constituency to support community groups, schools and institutions, and to speak to residents about the issues that matter most to them.

You can see examples of her casework – the work she does to help her constituents – here and if you think Emma can help you with an issue you face, you can contact her office by clicking here.