Yesterday (Wed 2nd Dec) I was lucky enough to be drawn to ask a question during Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Seeing as it’s almost twelve months since Boris Johnson took the mantle of Prime Minister, I thought I’d remind him of this anniversary and challenge him on his record.

Just some of the ‘highlights’ of the Prime Minister’s tenure that I chose to remind him of were; 71,000 Covid-19 deaths, which tragically is the highest rate in Europe. We have seen our national debt balloon to two trillion pounds for first time ever, meaning we are now officially the worst performing economy in the G7. With just weeks to go, our Brexit negotiations are failing, and we face leaving the EU without a deal which would spell disaster for jobs and businesses. Finally, during the pandemic, the Government have given at least £1.5 billion of taxpayer’s money in contracts to Tory friends and donors and at the same time whipped his MPs to vote against feeding hungry children free school meals. It’s a record that any decent person should be ashamed of however, I asked the Prime Minister which of these achievements he was most proud of.

Unsurprisingly the Prime Minister failed to answer my question, avoiding defending himself he dithered and blustered his was and attempted to criticise the Labour Party. During my time as an MP I have sat opposite three different Prime Ministers and whilst none have left with records to be proud of, we really have sunk to a new low with Boris Johnson.

You can see my question by clicking here.