Emma considers her link with the community to be the most important part of her role as an MP. She is here to help you. ┬áHere you’ll find examples of how Emma has helped her constituents.

Emma Lewell Buck Casework 1

Case 1

Constituent contacted Emma regarding her husband who had worked all his life until he became ill 8 years ago.

Out of the 7 or 8 medicals conducted by the DWP, only one was without problems.

The latest assessment resulted in the DWP downgrading his Personal Independence Payment even though his condition of Chronic Fatigue had worsened as had his cognitive and memory abilities.

Because of this, he was told that eligibility for a car via the Motability Scheme had been withdrawn, severely affecting his ability to go outdoors.

The outcome of the assessment determined that he could walk between 20m and 50m even though her husband is wheelchair-bound and cannot walk properly and could only shuffle to and from the car which is approx. 7-8m from the house.

A Mandatory Consideration was requested and Emma was able to delay the Scheme taking the car back until the reconsideration had been concluded by the DWP.

Thankfully, his benefit entitlements were fully re-instated and the car was not returned.

Emma Lewell Buck Casework 2

Case 2

Constituent contacted Emma as he was encountering serious problems with his bank, TSB, during the recent IT related problems that they were experiencing.

Payments had been fraudulently taken from his account and despite spending more than 11 hours on hold to try and resolve the matter, he had his bank card blocked and was denied any access to his account.

This caused him severe financial hardship and even a visit to his local branch did not make any difference.

My office contacted the bank and within 24 hours the matter was resolved. My constituent received an apology and his level of compensation was substantially increased.

Emma Lewell Buck Casework 3

Case 3

Constituent urgently needed to fly to Canada as her brother was seriously ill in hospital.

She had a visa to stay in the UK and had recently applied to have it renewed as the visa was due to expire.

Because of this, her passport was with the immigration authorities and although it was possible to have it returned to her it would mean that she would not be able to re-enter the UK to be with her elderly husband.

With the help and understanding of UK Visas she had her visa renewed and her passport returned to her. She able to fly to Vancouver to see her brother and family at that very worrying time.

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