Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining campaigners outside of Parliament for the Travel Day of Action, fighting against the Government’s handling of covid travel restrictions.

I met with South Shields based travel agent, Graeme Brett, owner of Westoe Travel to discuss the ongoing challenges facing the travel industry. Graeme attended alongside a wide range of organisations from across the aviation and travel industries aiming to put pressure on the Government to support a safe return to international travel in time for the peak summer period.

The travel industry has been let down badly throughout the pandemic and the Government must provide sector-specific support and finance to all those affected. No other industry has been left in the dark like this and we’re going to see more and more travel agencies getting boarded up and people losing their jobs if we don’t act.

I believe the current traffic light system doesn’t work, it sends unclear messages to both business and travellers. With the promotion of clear and consistent public health messages and good measures in place, international travel could return.

Last week I voted against the extension of the covid roadmap restrictions. The virus will be with us for the long haul and repeated lockdowns and constant restrictions is not a long-term strategy. I believe we need to make a start reopening safe international travel and reap the benefits of our country’s vaccination programme.

For all who have lost their jobs and are fighting to re-open travel, I will continue to fight with you.

#TravelDayOfAction #SpeakUpForTravel #SaveTravel

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