In the run up to Christmas, many of us will spend the next few weeks getting into the festive spirit and spending hours hiking around shops in an effort to buy presents. However, in this busy time, it’s important to remember those retail and shop workers who face the busiest and most stressful time of their year.

From 14-20 November, Emma will join Trade Union Usdaw, in support of their campaign to protect shop workers from abusive situations. Around 3 million of us work in the retail sector, and everyone should have the right to go to their workplace free from fear, threat, abuse or violence yet over 300 shop workers are assaulted every day. Usdaw estimate that every minute of the day, a shop worker is threatened, or physically or mentally abused. This shocking statistic highlights that something needs to be done in tackling this anti-social behaviour. No one should have to put up with violence or abuse at work.

 As part of their Freedom from Fear Campaign, Usdaw will hold events in stores across the country to highlight abuse staff receive, especially at busy trading periods such as Christmas. Usdaw representatives will talk to both members and shoppers about the issues faced, as well as asking customers to recognise the stress placed upon shopworkers. This is to encourage an atmosphere of respect and promote practical ways to prevent abuse and violence in the workplace. 

 Emma said, “This is a campaign that I am always proud to support, as a former shop worker myself I know all too well how frightening it can be, especially in a small shop, with little staff when you are confronted by aggressive and violent people. It is frustrating that the Government are not voicing full support for our shop workers and advocating for stronger provisions that would protect them.”

 If you want to pledge your support for the campaign, you can do so here.



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